A new kind of agency

The Social Few is a data-driven growth agency with cutting-edge digital expertise. We work towards enabling a more inclusive society. We focus on minority groups and non-normative perspectives in order to future-proof organizations by including more perspectives. By doing so we aim to understand and reflect the society we live in.

We were founded in 2016, initially as a think-tank with the aim of developing a HOW TO methodology for efforts regarding diversity, inclusion and belonging. In 2019 we merged with the digital inclusion agency, IAC and became the first agency in the Nordics with focus on growth and innovation by adding more perspectives, based on data-driven methodology.

The Social Few is founded by four members, all with different perspectives and from different sectors, industries and disciplines. Collectively, we speak ten languages and come from different regions of Sweden and the world. as do our partners and suppliers, within their respective areas of expertise.

This gives us not only expertise within our field but also deeper perspectives and knowledge regarding the very complex target audiences we include in all of our efforts. Our way of working is digital, iterative and incremental with the focus of solving and overcoming challenges, in a quantifiable and measurable way.